Stakeholder Engagement

At Nabors, we realize that many stakeholders have vested interests in the success of the company. Our commitment cannot be just to profit, it must also be to people. That commitment will continue to make us successful by any measure.

Perhaps our most important constituency is comprised of our employees. No one else puts as much into the company and no one deserves more in return. Our culturally and ethnically diverse employee base represents more than 90 nationalities. That brings a global perspective to the company and allows us to operate successfully in more than 20 countries. Our recruitment program, compensation and benefits plans and comprehensive training programs are all aimed at attracting, retaining, protecting and advancing this talented and skilled group of people. Our success at every level depends on it.

IADC Exemplary Service Award
Ernie Nelson is Vice President, Contracts with Nabors. He joined Nabors in the U.K. in 1992 and has worked with Nabors in Houston since 1997, where he is responsible for all contracting activities for Nabors’ continental U.S. operations. He started his career in the drilling industry in 1980 and has held a variety of contracts and marketing positions in the land and offshore drilling business with Nabors, Noble Drilling and Bawden Drilling. He is a graduate of Edinburgh University, Scotland.

Ernie’s dedication and stellar service to both Nabors and our industry was recently recognized by the IADC with its Exemplary Service Award. Ken Fischer, IADC vice president of international development, presented the award to Ernie for his leadership as Vice Chairman – Land, of the IADC Contracts Committee. “Ernie has been an integral part of every IADC land model contract revision in recent years,” Mr. Fischer said. “Supported by Nabors, Ernie’s individual leadership and dedication of efforts and time have made a significant contribution to our industry.”

At Nabors, we consider ourselves fortunate to have a broad roster of high-quality customers. These include many of the largest oil and gas operators in the world and a significant number of smaller but very successful companies. We strive to establish long-term relationships with each and form partnerships to address planning and problem solving. Our customers expect us to deliver quality products and services in a safe environment for a reasonable price. They expect us to conserve resources and protect the environment because their reputations are inextricably linked to ours. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in each company’s planning process and then work in partnership to meet or exceed customer expectations. It’s a shopworn phase, but we really are all in this together.

Nabors aims to use only the highest quality suppliers. Many are large, well-run organizations in their own right while others are smaller companies that enable us to contribute to the communities in which we operate. In many cases, our success is directly related to their ability to respond quickly when asked. Together we strive to provide a safe place in which to work, to honor our commitments, and to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

At Nabors, we know we are accountable to our shareholders. They own the company and have entrusted us with its care. Our responsibility to them is to deliver a favorable return on investment, as well as to run the company in an ethical, moral and responsible fashion; to be aware of and responsive to environmental issues; to refrain from conduct that places the company in an unfavorable light; to be a good steward of the resources entrusted to us; and to position the company for success now and in the future. It is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

At Nabors, we believe that being a good corporate citizen means investing in the communities in which our employees live and work. Nabors continues to do that with extraordinary predictability. This philosophy is most readily apparent in several ongoing activities:

  • Perhaps the best way we invest in local communities is by providing jobs. Local labor is used in virtually every Nabors operation. In some countries like Saudi Arabia, local nationals comprise over 80 percent of the workforce. We also inject resources into the community by purchasing supplies from local contractors.
  • Nabors provides opportunities for children of employees to go to college through the Isenberg Scholarship Program named after former Chairman Gene Isenberg. This program provides assistance in obtaining a college education to deserving students. Since its inception in 2010, more than $1 million in scholarships have been awarded.
  • Each year, Nabors employees gather en masse to ride in the MS 150, a bicycle race to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research. Easily identified by their Nabors shirts, team members help establish the company brand as representative of an organization that knows how to give back to the community.
  • Mentoring often means the difference in success or failure for young people with no in-home role model. That’s why hundreds of Nabors employees are involved in public school mentoring programs, realizing that an hour a week invested in a single child has the potential to change the world.
  • Many small town sports teams would be non-existent were it not for Nabors’ commitment to community. The company’s support of youth sports around the globe is providing the adults of tomorrow with skills that will one day make them better employees and ultimately better people. Nabors is one of the Houston-based companies working with the Astros Community Leaders program in its mission to invest $18 million in city-owned public youth baseball and softball fields in disadvantaged areas of Houston. To date, eleven fields have been renovated, serving thousands of the city’s at-risk youth.
  • The Nabors Charitable Foundation provides relief, support and assistance to employees affected by natural and civil disasters. During the last few years, the foundation has assisted victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike. It also matched employee contributions made to the American Red Cross in support of the Haitian relief effort.

SUPER ChemDAT System for Chemical Disclosure
Emerging regulations in the industry for public disclosure of chemical products used in hydraulic fracturing require managing that information and reporting it accurately.